Self-assessment is an on-line tool meant to let teachers and trainers assess their own competence level about the 4.0 “world”, i.e. to measure somehow their readiness to co-operate in a 4.0 training and learning environments, with special reference to didactic, personal and strategic skills required to accompany technology and the digital transformation.

It is composed by a set of 24 general questions, which give teachers and trainers the chance to reflect on:

  • background knowledge;
  • knowledge of technical aspects;
  • understanding of implications on organization/impact on the work environment.
  • knowledge/mastership of tools for designing, managing, and assessing learning in a 4.0 perspective;
  • inclination to change;
  • ability to interact in a multi-actor environment.

Go to the Self-assessment! At the end of the questionnaire, feedback will be offered for each answer.

A teacher reflecting about his competences