Training pathway for the development of teachers’ non-technological competences” is the result of joint design involving FIT FOR 4.0 project partners.

The pathway consists of 7 courses, each dedicated to a significant issue of teaching in Industry 4.0 and developed by a project partner: 

  • Developing your own expertise (by BFOOI, Austria)
  • My field in relation to 4.0 (by NWRC, Ireland)
  • Designing learning environments and experiences with 4.0 approach (by JAMK, Finland)
  • Implementing learning experiences with 4.0 approach (by IFOA, Italy)
  • Assessing learning experiences with 4.0 approach (by EDUGEP, Portugal)
  • Innovating: ideas for teaching and learning (by APH, Belgium)
  • Training for work placement and interacting with stakeholders (by GTC, Sweden, and by ZBC, Denmark)

We have named them “micro-MOOCs” because they are online, open short courses and we would like as many people as possible to access them, watching every video, studying each text and answering all quizzes, in order to obtain the final certificate, or picking at some particularly interesting content. 

The aim of micro-MOOCs is to give a very quick overview of the skills needed for a trainer 4.0, analysing some of these, listing some others, in order to arouse interest and awareness.

Although they share the same structure and design, each of them reflect cultural and personal peculiarity of authors: this represents a wealth.

Before starting the Pathway, complete self-assessment, which will give you useful hints about content that might be useful to you.